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Home Based and Outside Sales Agent Program

About Us

Selling cruises, tours and vacation packages in South Florida for more then 35 years, JBVACATIONS, Inc. and JBCRUISES.COM has grown to become one of the nations premier travel companies, specializing in cruise and group travel.

Long before the cruise and travel internet era, JBVACATIONS was selling large groups on the cruise ships parked at our back door, passing these bulk savings on to all of our customers. With years of hands on experience, / offers the highest level of knowledge in the industry, topping it off with the lowest rates.

With ships that are bigger and better, and offering amenities from ice skating rinks to super size outdoor tvs, more choices are available then ever before. With the increasing number of ships and berths, competition among the cruise lines has reached a new high, offering prices at new lows. To anywhere in the world, whether it be Antarctica, Nome, Tahiti, or off our own shores to the Bahamas and the Caribbean, HERE IS THE OPPORTUNITY YOU HAVE BEEN LOOKNG FOR!  BECOME AN OUTSIDE OR HOME BASED TRAVEL AGENT NOW.

JBVACATIONS is a fully licensed and bonded Florida Corporation, accredited by IATAN, and a member of ASTA, CLIA, and the Signature Travel Network.

The Programs

Love to travel? Always wanted to become a travel agent? Looking to supplement your income? You have come to the right place at the right time.

For the first time ever, JBVACATIONS will be offering a limited number of opportunites to join our team. No experience necessary. Full or part time, home, office, or web based, now is your chance to be one of the first to join an industry leader from the ground up. Exclusive territories now available!

Become part of this successful company and enjoy earnings and travel discounts while being your own boss. You have complete flexibility to control your schedule, access on-going training and education, ability to earn high commissions, and take advantage travel benefits, including travel agent discounts and familiarization trips never before offered.

Regardless of the reason you want to become an agent, we can help. We give you the resources, tools and support to be successful. The rest is up to you.

JBVACATIONS is offering three levels of participation, based on the amount of work you want to do and the amount of income you want to earn. This flexibility offers something for everyone, and puts YOU in the drivers seat! Join as a referral agent, Outside Sales, or full Independent Contractor.

Referral Program

The JBVACATIONS referral program allows you to use your network and contacts to earn extra cash. Are you involved in social groups? Do you participate in online communities or blogs? Do you have a website? Do you love to travel and know others who do?

Simply refer a new customer to JBVACATIONS and we will pay you a referral fee. This level pf participation requires the least amount of effort on your part. You refer the client. We do the rest, including booking, invoicing and servicing the client.

This minimum level of participation allows you to take advantage of many travel benefits as well, including free ship inspections and luncheons. View the newest ships and experience new products first. Refer enough clients and also be eligible for travel agent discounts on ships, tours, vacation packages, hotel stays and car rentals. What a great way to earn extra money and get travel discounts for yourself with minimum effort.


There is no cost to join this program. Its FREE. Simply fill out our referral agent registration form and we will assign you a unique agent code. When you get a lead, fax or email us our lead form, including your unique agent code, and a JBVACATIONS representative will respond to the client directly within 24 hours of receipt. (excluding weekends and holidays). Results from the lead will be returned via the same method delivered.

Referral fees will be paid monthly, by the 10th of the month, for all leads which resulted in a sale that have traveled. Fees will be paid in increments of $100.00. You may not refer yourself.

Referral Fees

Based on a minimum commissionable sale of $500.00

Cost per person referral fee
$500 - $1,000 $25.00
$1,001 - $2,000 $50.00
$2,001 and above $100.00

Outside Sales Agent

The next level of participation in JBVACATIONS’s new agent program is as an Outside Sales Agent. This level is for people you want to participate in the booking and service of the customer themselves, either from your home or from our office. You would be responsible for generating your own leads, booking and servicing your clients, while earning  higher commissions of 50 to 70 percent.

JBVACATIONS acts in a support role for the Outside Agent, providing invoicing, access to automation and technology, training, and office space and equipment, such as fax, copy machine and telephone, if required. I some cases, JBVACATIONS may even provide you the leads for you to follow up.

This option is perfect for group leaders and retirees looking to supplement their income with part time work providing commissions, and in some cases, free travel, to participants. You keep and service your own clients. We just give you the tools.

Outside agents who earn a minimum amount of commissions will be entitled to all suppliers discounts and benefits offered, including those on the referral program, in additional to travel agent familiarization trips, seminars at sea, airline discounts and more.

There is a one time fee of $95.00 too join this program. This fee will include initial set up, business cards, email account, booking engines. There will be a $95.00 annual renewal fee.

Singing up is easy. Simply fill out the outside agent registration form and we will assign you a unique outside agent code, allowing you access to all JBVACATIONS prices and group rates. A reservation form must be competed, including your agent code, and faxed or emailed to our office for invoicing and commission tracking. Invoices will be emailed directly, within 48 hours (excluding weekends and holidays) to you for distribution to your customer. Edocuments, when available, will be utilized free of charge. All document and delivery costs will be the expense of the outside agent. Outside agents may have supplier send paper documents to them directly at no charge.

Commissions will be paid monthly, by the 10th of the month, on sailed revenue eliminating commission recalls. Commissions will be paid based on the following scale.

Outside Agent Commission Scale

Based on a minimum commissionable fare of 250.00 per person. total commission range from 10-20 percent of fare depending on supplier.

Annual revenue commission percent
$0 - $250,000 50 percent
$250,000 - $500,000 60 percent
$500,001 and above 70 percent

Independent Contractor

This most comprehensive option requires the maximum level of participation by the agent. Here the agent can receive up to 100 percent of the commissions earned, while operating your own, home based or internet based business, with little direct involvement from JBVACATIONS. This option requires an upfront investment and commitment from the agent, but allows for the ultimate in control.

This level is designed for the agent to run their own business and to be your own boss. This program is designed for the full time, experienced travel professional, with their own customer base and following. The agent would be responsible for 100 percent of their own work, marketing, and expenses, while JBVACATIONS would collect only a minimum booking fee.

JBVACATIONS could provide the agent with the option of their own personalize website and booking engine in addition to full access to all cruise line or tour operator booking engines. In addition, the agent could have access to our online back office system for processing of client invoices and report generation as well as direct mail and email marketing. The agent would also have full access to SABRE airline automation system and SABRE CRUISES cruises booking engine. Lastly, this level allows the agent to fully participate in JBVACATIONS preferred agreements with suppliers.

This level can be designed specifically for the individual and can be customized for your individual needs.

Independent Contractor Compensation

To become a JBVACATIONS Independent Contractor, there is a one time registration/set up fee of $995.00. In addition, there is an annual renewal fee of $295.00. These fees will provide the agent with SABRE, Sabre cruises, all cruise line booking engines, personal email account, access to Signature Travel Network special programs, and special negotiated rates.

Independent contractors will receive 100 percent commission, will be responsible for 100 percent of their own work and pay 100 percent of their own expenses. For an additional charge, JBVACATIONS can offer a corporate “look alike” website, client booking engine, and on-line back office accounting system for invoicing and reporting.

JBVACATIONS will charge a flat fee of $25.00 per booking. No more then 10 percent of revenue may be self sales. This option does require both parties to sign formal contract. / have been selling cruises and vacation packages in South Florida for 35 years and is one of the nation's premier travel companies. We provide the Best Vacation Pricing, Traditional Service and great Internet discounts always!

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